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Tangled cable chargers are total nightmares. There's nothing more frustrating than finding your chargers in a tangled mess. Go tangle-free with the mind-blowing ingenuity of these magnetic cable chargers.

  • Space Saver: With your charger magnetically organized, you will have more space in your pouch for other stuff. 
  • Mess-Free & Tangle-Free: Designed with magnets, the cords straighten out on their own. Easier to organize and make your space clutter-free.
  • Travel Buddy: Compact, easily extendable, and tangle-free, it’s the perfect partner for you and your smartphone during travel. 
  • Fast-Charging: Supported by 2.4A current flow, this is not only convenient inside the bag but also conducive for the battery life of your smartphones.
  • Reinforced Strength: Built with thick copper core conductive wire, this cable answers to the strength and durability you need in an efficient and reliable charger.