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Protect your furniture and yourself from your cat’s sharp claws. With these cat boots, you will be safe from scratches and you can have fun with your pets without any worry.

  • Safety Protection: These boots are very convenient and will make you have fun with your pet. You no longer have to worry about being scratched or harmed accidentally. 
  • Bottom Hole: The bottom is designed with a leakage hole to prevent water from accumulating. It lets the water drip freely when bathing your lovely pet.
  • Wide Application: The perfect tool for your cat and other pets during bathing and grooming. Cutting nails, treatment, and medicine administration is now a breeze when you have this boot protection.
  • Adjustable: The boots are fully adjustable to comfortably suit your pet’s paw. It comes with a magic sticker to keep it securely and comfortably on your cat's paws.
  • Durable: Made of premium quality silicone, this Anti-Scratch Cat Boots is safe, soft, skin-friendly, and easy for cats to wear.