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Cats are curious creatures by nature. They always get in trouble when you’re not looking, and they will always find the strangest things to play with. If you want to keep your cat out of trouble, this toy is your perfect solution.

  • Stimulates Mental Agility: This unique toy comes with a soft meowing sound that encourages your pets to pounce and play while keeping their minds sharp,  because regular activities are very important for your cat’s physical and mental health.
  • Increase Activity Level: This amazing toy encourages your cat to be more active which is essential for weight control.
  • Simple Installation: Designed for easy installation. Simply clip it on a safe place where your cat can enjoy his playtime.
  • Automatic Turn-Off: You don’t have to worry about battery change all the time, this toy is built to shut down automatically if not in use. 
  • Fun Entertainment: For busy fur parents, this is the perfect toy to keep your cat active and engaged when you’re doing something else. This toy will definitely keep your cat busy for hours on end.