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Dogs love the outdoors. They would run everywhere and catch dirt, mud, leaves, and splinters on their paws. Sadly, they’re never big on doormat manners. Now, here’s the ingenious creation that will definitely solve your problem before you let them back inside your home.

  • Easy to Use: Cleaning your dog’s paws is made simpler and uncomplicated. Simply add water, dip your dog’s paws, pull it out, and in less than a few minutes, your pooch is as clean as ever.
  • Save Time and Energy: You don’t need to give your dog a bath after a walk outdoors. This dog lover’s must-have will definitely save you from an exhausting and time-consuming bath.
  • Effective Bristle Design: Perfectly designed with thick bristles inside an easy-to-grip cup. These gentle bristles are the ones that actually do the cleaning. It weeds out and removes dirt from your dog’s paws
  • Pain-Free: The bristles inside the cup are made of premium quality, soft silicone that will not hurt your dog.
  • Compact and Portable: This paw washer is lightweight, easy to carry, and takes no space at all. The simple design makes it a perfect companion on picnics or any adventure you have with your FUR-friend.