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Keep your pets entertained for hours. This exciting toy is perfect for your bonding moments and your fur-buddy will love playing with it.

  • Fun Game of Catch: Equipped with a robotic motion sensor, this exciting toy runs away automatically every time it is touched or approached. Your pets will enjoy hours of fun and it will keep them preoccupied.
  • Infrared Sensor: Its infrared sensor and high-speed take-off make this toy very fun and smart to play with. It will turn or retreat when it hits an obstacle, and will automatically stop when not in use.
  • Smart Control: When you catch the toy, it will quickly play flashing lights and make a sound. When the toy is in a rest state, simply tap to wake it up. 
  • Interactive Toy: This magical toy stimulates great physical activity and is designed to prevent boredom. It is a perfect way to keep your pets healthy and entertained. 
  • Safe and Durable Material: Made of high-quality plastic, this toy is non-toxic, BPA-Free, and 100% safe for your fur-buddies and even for your kids.