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If you’re always having visibility problems with your dog because he loves to run during your nighttime walks or nightly potty trip, then we have the best and cutest solution for you and your pet - the LED Lighting Dog Collar Pendant.

  • Pet Safety: This LED pendant clips easily onto your dog's collar making him more visible and safe in the evening darkness. You will never lose sight of him and he will always be safe.
  • Bright Visibility: Equipped with LED lights, this pendant illuminates brightly at night. It is visible for a half-mile, making it ideal for night walks and ensures the safety of you and your pet.
  • Dual Light Mode: Built with a click-type switch for you to easily set the light mode into continuous light or flashing light. 
  • Battery-Operated: It operates on easily replaceable batteries. You will always have bright lights to keep track of your lovely pet.
  • Durable: The carabiner is made of strong stainless steel to stay securely on your dog's leash.