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Dogs always love the outdoors. For your everyday walks or runs, this leash makes a big difference. It keeps your dog under control and gives you convenience and freedom of movement. 

  • Free Your Hands: Walk or run conveniently with your dog without having to hold a bothersome leash all the time. This will definitely make your bonding easier and fun.
  • Convenient: Provides a simple way to handle and communicate with your dogs, especially during training.
  • Safety: A means to tether your dog if you are not able to hold the leash with your hands, preventing them from causing or having an accident.
  • Comfortable and Sturdy Design: The bungees design and padded belt help absorb sudden lunges from your dog and alleviates stress to the neck and arms.
  • Multi-Purpose and Durable: Made from premium quality materials and comes with a bottle holder and a pouch for you or your dog’s drinks and stuff.