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This Jump Rope is the weighted jump rope that builds strength, conditioning, and coordination all at once! Have a fun but effective workout that you can bring wherever you go.

Made with durable Polygripped fabric, this Jump Rope  was designed to last generations, with daily use. With the 25mm thick and weighted rope you can build an amazing body! 


  • Intense Training: Improve your strength and conditioning with a single piece of equipment! The weighted rope challenges your arms, core, shoulders, back, and legs!
  • Build Balance & Coordination: The weighted Freerope trains your body to grow functionally with improved coordination.
  • Comfortable Grips: Our padded heat-shrink grips were designed for long use times without hand pain.
  • Durable Build: The Polylined thread is extremely strong and can be used without tearing or fraying. Freeropes are 25mm in thickness. 
  • Multi-use Design: Use the Freerope for other exercises to change your intensity or to train with others.