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When you want to work on your swimming techniques but you don’t have access to open water or a bigger pool, the Swim Trainer is your best option.

  • Budget-Friendly Training. When you are training to be a professional, practicality is everything. Using the Swim Trainer for stationary resistance training is an inexpensive tool that meets the needs of swimmers to achieve effective, longer, and uninterrupted training.
  • Convenience Of Your Own Home Pool. When you don’t have access to open water or a lap pool for training, simply use the Swim Trainer to work on your laps. Turn your home pool into your own training pool and say goodbye to sharing lane or waiting for your turn. 
  • Focus On Your Muscle Coordination and Form. Focusing on your form makes owning a Swim Trainer a must-have swimming training tool. It helps dial your swim until it turns into the smooth, efficient, effortless pulling stroke you want to achieve.
  • Uninterrupted Distance Swimming. For longer and uninterrupted training, this tool is the best option. Made from premium quality materials to last longer than you can, this tool offers only the best for all swimmers who want to go PRO!
  • Improves Endurance and Strength.  Engineered to give your muscles the training it needs, the Swim Trainer gets you focused on improving your strength and endurance.