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Exercising is not just about looking good. Get a bigger, bulkier built and stronger arms with the aid of the Wrist and Forearm Developer. It does not only build muscles but also makes anyone less susceptible to injury. It will certainly improve your efficiency in performing a number of functional activities such as plumbing, gardening, and lifting or pushing objects.

  • Increased Hand Strength: This innovative exercise tool targets the muscles in your arms and increases your grip strength with one simple motion. With these benefits, everyday activities like carrying groceries will become easier and more comfortable.
  • Hand Endurance: It boosts hand endurance and tenacity to perform all kinds of activities. Your hands will not easily get tired and you will still have the energy to do yoga or a simple opening of tight jars.
  • Improves Hand Dexterity: Works to strengthen your fingers independently, thus improving the hand’s overall dexterity. Typing on your keyboards or playing with instruments will now be smooth with nimble fingers.
  • Adjustable Grip and Resistance: Easily adjust the grip to get the best fit and target the right muscles in your arm. Also comes with different resistance modes that allow you to adjust the resistance level for more challenging exercises.
  • Portable: Structured to be lightweight and compact for easy and convenient workouts that you can bring with you wherever you are. It can be stored anywhere without taking up too much space.