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Everybody hates being bitten by insects. What with the non-stop itchiness, swollen skin and sometimes, you even can’t sleep with the irritation it causes. Here is your solution -- the Bite Itch Helper Pen.

  • Fast and Effective: It helps your skin recover and soothes itchiness and irritation. It utilizes Thermo-Pulse Technology that delivers heat (up to 120°F) and vibration to the affected area to improve blood flow and kill all bacteria caused by insect bites. 
  • Convenient Design: The pen design makes it easy to take with you on mosquito-prone trips like camping and hiking. 
  • Drug-Free and Chemical-Free: It is proven safe, unlike ointments, creams, or lotions that may have ingredients that your skin can’t tolerate. 
  • Virus-Free: Enjoy your vacations, travels, and outdoor adventures without the fear of contracting diseases caused by insect bites. 
  • Easy To Use: This helpful pen is battery-operated and so easy to use. Immediately place the metal tip directly on the affected area and press the on button, you should feel a gentle vibration and gradual heating sensation that will soothe the itchiness away. Use on the affected area for not more than 45 seconds.