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Ear Wax Cleaner Tool

Excessive wax usually only takes a few minutes to remove, not to mention the satisfying feeling you get when cleaning your ears. Use this timeless Ear Wax Cleaner Tool, to remove soft, hard, or flaky ear wax.

  • Ingenious Design. Improved design to remove excess earwax easily and comfortably. The spoon-shaped tool is designed to effectively scoop dry wax while the spiral tool is used to relieve itching by massaging your ear canal.
  • Medical Grade Materials. It’s made of high-quality 410 stainless steel with a carefully polished and perfect plating process, making each piece rust-free and durable. 
  • Safe and Effective. Compared to a traditional cotton swab, which may push the earwax into the ear, the Ear Wax Cleaner Tool prevents any scratching or irritation. It has been meticulously polished to ensure that all of the surfaces are smooth and safe for use.
  • Satisfying Feel. It prevents dried earwax from being pushed farther into the ear canal that might cause an impacted eardrum. Feel relieved, refreshed, and clean every time you use the Ear Wax Cleaner Tool.
  • Portable Storage. Stored in a portable pouch that you can bring anywhere. With its convenient pouch, you will not lose any of the ear cleaning tools and also keep them easily when not in use.