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This sleek Portable Shaver is made for active men who are always on the go. Offering multiple functions and benefits that a wet shave can't provide, here are a few good reasons to add this to your arsenal.

  • A great shaving experience. No matter your priorities, may it be shaving in the shower, tackling body hair, or fading your beard neckline, this shaver does it well. Its floating heads follow the curve of your face for that smooth and easy shaving experience.
  • Protects your skin. Whereas blades can scrape and damage your skin, the Portable Shaver glides smoothly over it. No chance of cuts or nicks, less irritation after each pass, and no unsightly razor burn when you're done.
  • Save precious time. You don't have to bother with water, lather, or new blades, and with its fast-charging and large capacity battery, you’re always ready to shave with confidence.
  • Precision engineered. Forged from Japanese military-grade steel, the Portable Shaver’s durable, self-sharpening blades won't wear down easily and saves you the trouble of changing blades frequently.
  • Rechargeable and always ready to go. Compact and lasts for 2 months when fully charged, this shaver will be your go-to for home and any travel shaving needs.