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A sore, stiff back hinders you from doing anything, from exercising to working. The heat therapy of this ingenious belt is the key to reducing inflammation, pain, and stiffness.

  • Instant Relief From Back Pain: Professionally designed to support the spine for better posture and help get rid of lower back pain. It soothes, massages, and heats your back and core while doing your everyday chores and activities like intense sports or workouts.
  • Ergonomic design: Built to fit the curve of the waist, which will ease pressure on the back and protect your lumbar. 
  • Self Heating Belt: Engineered with tourmaline magnetic technology that attracts body heat and penetrates into the muscle to increase blood flow and circulation offering much-needed relaxation. 
  • Comfortable: Breathable and lightweight, it is made of quality materials that provide safety and comfortable use. You’ll never feel sweaty or restricted wearing this belt.
  • Discreet: Wear your brace at work, home, or the gym without anyone seeing it. Created to be slim and light, this belt fits perfectly beneath your clothes without revealing a single bump or bunch. 

Size Chart:

Size  Suitable Waistline
S 60 - 76 cm / 24 - 30 inches
M 77- 86 cm / 30 - 34 inches
L 87 - 96 cm / 34 - 38 inches
XL  97 - 108 cm / 38 - 42 inches