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Driving all day, sitting in front of your computer most of the time, or simply being stressed from work causes you tense neck muscles and stiff shoulders. What better way to alleviate the pain than having your own portable masseuse.

  • Reduce pain and aches naturally. Say goodbye to painkillers and their bad side effects with this massager that helps soothe aches naturally. It is equipped with 8 massage modes that deeply kneads and massages pain and aches away.

  • Provides relief for hard-to-reach areas. This easy-to-use massager gives great relief to areas in the back and sides of the neck that are hard to reach. It is designed with a built-in infrared advanced heating function that soothes soreness and muscle knots.  

  • Ease stress and loosen stiff muscles. It provides great relaxation from stress after a hard day’s work and helps loosen up Lactic Acid build-up that causes stiff shoulder muscles.

  • Easy portability. Enjoy a rejuvenating massage even on the go. You can bring it with you on camping trips, travel, or even at the office for quick stress relief or relaxation.

  • Saves money and time. No more expensive massage therapist and setting time for appointments. Simply relax and have a massage anytime in the comfort of your own home.