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Trouble falling asleep? This is the answer to your slumber struggles. These Bluetooth eye masks are designed to block out light and noise while you play your favorite tunes. 

  • Long Battery Life: Equipped with a built-in 200mAh high-performance battery, this unique sleeping mask gives you an 8-hour battery life so you can sleep to the sound of soothing music without any hitch.
  • Comfortable and Washable:  Made with polyester and cotton to provide your sleep with a soft and comfortable feel. It is completely washable so it's always smelling fresh every time you need it. 
  • Latest Technology: Experience true HD high fidelity sound featuring the latest Bluetooth V-5.0 technology that produces great sound quality. High performance and high quality, this must-have is your best sleeping partner starting now.
  • Universal Compatibility: Whatever your gadget of choice, this smart sleeping mask with Bluetooth capability can easily pair with an Android or iOs system. 
  • Portability: Made for frequent travelers who find it hard to sleep on buses and planes. Block out the noise with your tunes or meditation music while the soft velvety cloth makes you feel comfortable.