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The perfect tool to have in your toolbox, around the home, in the car, and even while camping. This 10 in 1 Multi-Function Universal Hammer opens to a wide variety of useful tools that are definitely worth keeping.

  • 10 in 1 Function: Great for almost all kinds of tasks and repairs, this tool must-have give you the function of a manual nail gun, hammer, screwdriver, adjustable wrench, pipe wrench, bending panel, drill hole, nail puller, pincer plier.
  • Makes Work Simple: Makes your DIY work or project faster because this single tool is enough to get the job done.
  • Lighter Toolbox: Bring only this tool that is equal to 10 other tools. It will definitely make your toolbox easier to bring and lighter, too.
  • Made to Last: Forged out of tough carbon steel and stainless steel, it won’t rust or break even after prolonged and repeated use.  
  • Practical Use for Every Handyman: Certainly declutters the toolbox and it’s perfect for every handyman dads, carpenters, mechanics, plumbers, weekend warriors, repairmen, and DIY enthusiasts.