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More than just a shower, the 360° Power Shower Head gives bath time a new definition! Transform the way you take your shower and feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and refreshed.

  • Hydro-therapeutic shower head. Beyond superior design and technology, the 360° Power Shower Head offers quite a few wellness benefits including muscle relaxation, decongestion, and skin detoxification. It also helps soothe irritated skin, calm muscle soreness, refreshes skin, and restore hair’s natural shine. 
  • 360° shower coverage. Experience the versatility of this shower head that allows you to adjust it flexibly and conveniently. Easily position it where you want it, or if you need to target specific parts of your body for relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • Reduce water consumption. Built with an air-in technology that gives a powerful and consistent water pressure even at low water flow. This means saving water consumption by up to 50% and cutting down on water bills.
  • Triple fine filtration. Equipped with PP cotton that effectively filters water to remove most contaminants that might be damaging to hair and skin. Showering with filtered water restores the natural PH of skin and hair, and lessens skin irritation and hair damage.
  • Tool-free installation. The 360° Power Shower Head fits almost all standard shower arm and shower accessories. Simply screw onto the hose and it’s ready to use.