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This cleverly designed wristband makes it easy to work on a project or fix something on the go. A simple invention yet solves a common problem in a simple but effective way. 

  • Time Saver: No more hassle of going back to your toolbox or searching your pockets, no headaches from losing or dropping screws, nails, drill bits, fasteners, or small tools. You can easily finish the job in less time with less frustration.
  • Personal Assistant: This simple yet smart wrist band provides a helping hand when you need it most. Whatever you’re working on, it is the perfect assistant that complements your DIY style.
  • Perfect Fit: The strap is conveniently crafted to fit almost all wrist sizes. It can be adjusted to suit both men and women. 
  • Ultimate Strength: Made to hold on to your supplies. Equipped with ultra-strong magnets that keep a strong grip on everything from nails and screws to screwdrivers and wrenches.
  • Convenience Within Reach: Have everything you need right at arm's length. Working efficiently is the key to finishing all your projects seamlessly and professionally.