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No DIY project or big construction contracts should be taken on without having the best tools possible. Nothing is more frustrating than when you are left with a very skew project that you have to do all over again. This laser level makes mapping wall layouts or installing floor tiles a quick and painless process.

  • Accuracy: Made to speed up your work, this must-have tool is far more superior than the regular leveling devices you were used to. With its multi-use precision features, you are ensured of accuracy and reliability through all your work and projects.
  • Multi-Function: Using this device is quick, easy, and reliable. It is a combination of a fine-tuned tape measure, a triple-positioned leveling bubble, and a laser level to provide maximum results.
  • Multi Leveling Mode: Equipped with a horizontal, a vertical, and a diagonal leveling mode, it can easily be used independently or at the same time for a range of alignment options. 
  • Long Reach: It comes loaded with an 8-foot measuring tape that includes imperial and metric linear measures, with graduations down to 1/32inch and 4mm. It gives you perfect accuracy and an extended reach to complete your tasks.
  • Suitable  Anywhere : Indoor or outdoor projects, it is very suitable and accurate for a variety of leveling and measurement needs, Hang shelves or built cabinets, install tiles, or picture frames, all with total confidence that your work is done perfectly.