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This Professional Protractor Miter takes the guesswork out of making angled cuts. It is a smart tool that provides the best solution for perfecting measurements of frames, corners, or edges. 

  • Convenience: Eliminates error-prone calculations out of doing miter cuts, making your carpentry work easier and faster to accomplish.
  • Accuracy: Equipped with a scale ring that ensures smooth and precise measurement, and its arms rotate spontaneously without any dead angle to hinder your work. These features make your work perfectly done and accurately measured. 
  • Speedy: Ingeniously designed to quickly mark, measure, and transfer an angle measurement from your drawing to the wood, metal, or plastic part you're working on. 
  • Saves Time: A tool invented for professionals and DIY’ers alike, it makes work easier and faster than when using rulers or measuring sticks which takes more time.
  • Reduces Waste: No more wastes from errors and miscalculations. This tool is a good addition to your toolbox that will definitely save you materials and your pocket from additional expenses.