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Bring back the shine to your old, dull furniture with this amazing wax polisher. It brings them back to life like they’re brand new.

  • Organic: Formulated from 100% food-safe, organic, all-natural beeswax, and essential oil. There are no paraffin, chemicals, dyes, scents, or petroleum that would harm your furniture.
  • Shine Like New: This all-purpose and all-natural wax cleans all your wood furniture and also polishes efficiently to bring them back to their natural shine.
  • Furniture Restoration: The polish works to penetrate deep into wood fibers to repair, rehydrate, and restore its natural luster. It creates a protective seal to keep out any odor, stain, or moisture that can cause permanent damage to your loved furniture.
  • Universal Application: Works to remove scuff marks, grease, grime, and stubborn dirt from any type of wood. It is the perfect wax to protect and bring back the natural beauty of your wooden furniture, mahogany floors, or leather couch.
  • Easy to Use: Applies well with any clean cloth or sponge. Simply apply the wax onto the furniture then rub lightly. The wear and tear are magically wiped off right before your eyes.