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Optimize your home by installing this cost-effective faucet. It is an inexpensive improvement that can add both convenience and functionality to your sink space.

  • Saves Water: Equipped with an aerator and an anti-drip double gasket that helps you save more on your water consumption. The aerator works to restrict the flow of water from taps without reducing the water pressure and prevents unnecessary splashing.
  • Dual Spray Mode: Comes with an easy to switch flow mode, the soft bubble stream, and impulse shower mode. With a simple twist, you can easily adjust the flow that you need.
  • 4 Layer Filtration: Brilliantly designed with a 4 layer filtration to filter impurities and make the water clean and safe for washing and cooking your food.
  • 720° Rotation: The faucet is constructed with a mechanism that allows easy and convenient rotation. You can swivel it upwards to wash your face or rotate it in any direction for washing the dishes or cleaning the sink.
  • DIY Installation: No plumbers needed, simple to install, and fits most faucet taps. You can easily install it on your own, and save time and money.