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Our lovely feet are always the ones doing the hard work. From exercising or doing chores, it is the most tired part of the body and needs the most attention. Like any part of our body, our tootsies will definitely love and enjoy a day at the spa, but you can get the same pampering right at your home with this great massager. 

  • Relaxation Bliss: You can’t deny that warm and massaged feet are pure comfort. It gives you maximized relaxation and unwinding from stress after a hard day’s work.
  • Pain-Free: Made for people who run, walk, or work standing up who experience pain in their feet. This super comfy foot massager eliminates the knots and the tightness of muscles, making you pain-free for another round of exercise or work.
  • Warms the Muscles: The heating element speeds up the muscle warming process and reduces the tension on the muscles.
  • Improves Blood Circulation: Stimulates blood circulation. The warming process helps break down some of the blockages that cause poor circulation and get it going again.
  • Dissolves Toxins: If you enjoy sweating out the toxins in a sauna, you will surely love how the heat from the massager helps push toxins out of your bloodstream.