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At-home grooming is a hassle, for even the most patient dog owner . But regular grooming is key when you love your fave pet and want them smelling good. With this great invention, you bathe and make him feel relaxed effortlessly.

  • Fun to Use: This fun bathing tool is a water sprayer and a comfy brush in one. Your pet would feel like they’ve spent a day at the spa.
  • Effective: Not just any bathing tool, this allows you to give your pet a massage with an added benefit of cleaning and de-shedding with its soft and comfy fur-nabbing rubber nodules.
  • Fits Most Taps: Comes with adapters that would fit a standard faucet. You can bathe outdoors or indoors depending on your dog’s moods.
  • Perfect Design: Multi-functional design makes it easier and more fun to groom pets while giving them attention and care.
  • Saves Time and Water: Greatly reduces water and shampoo consumption, and saves you time from making your pet still with its soothing and calming massage feature.