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Hardworking carpenters and DIY enthusiasts who are looking to add a practical tool in their toolbox can certainly go for this practical device. Instant set-up and employs a firm fit, it can successfully complete the majority of tasks smoothly and quickly.

  • Efficiency: Very quick and easy to use, these clamps are engineered to be reliable and efficient. It allows you to work accurately with its high clamping ability and frees  both of your hands as you assemble your projects.
  • Improved Safety: The 90-degree design promises a high safety level while working. The locking mechanism keeps both the tool and workpiece securely in place and prevents accidents due to slipping or loosened grip. 
  • Quick-Release Mechanism: Equipped with a mechanism that facilitates a quick open and close function that gives you flawless and smooth adjustments every time. 
  • Adjustable and Sufficient Clamping Range: Fit boards with different sizes and allows two different thicknesses of materials to be connected at a right angle. It can also accommodate most large things including metal tubes, steel rods, wood, and thick glasses. Perfect for working on cabinets, frames, and drawers.
  • High-Quality Material: Featuring a high-impact plastic construction, these amazing clamps ensure optimal durability and lightweight operation for you to get the job done.