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Forgetting your car keys or getting locked out can be a hassle. This simple wedge tool will always help you out of this predicament.

  • Inexpensive: Save labor cost from hiring a locksmith to do the job for you. If you often forget your keys, then this is definitely a great help to you and your wallet.
  • Universal Use: Works great as it is applicable to a wide variety of cars, regardless of the lock type. It can also be used to jack heavy objects like refrigerators or washing machines if there is stuff caught underneath.
  • Easy to Use: Just position the deflated wedge in place, then squeeze the pump to force air into the bag. The small opening created will be enough to allow an opening rod to be inserted and used to unlock the door from the inside of the vehicle.
  • Quality and Durable: It can lift up to 300 pounds of weight and this air wedge will definitely not buckle under pressure.
  • Scratch-Free: Keep your car’s paint free from marks and scuffs. No need for crowbars or metal rods that might cause irreparable damage and cost you for a new paint job.

Size Specifications:

S size: 120*185mm
M size: 160*145mm
L size: 280*125mm