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Doors are not just access points to a home or a business premise, they also provide the comfort and security you need. Installing this automatic door closer can radically change your home or your business. 

  • Quick Installation: No complicated set-up and no electricity needed, this smart invention comes with a hole-free adhesive installation and will not damage any of your walls or doors.
  • No Force Needed: Gone are the days where you need all your strength to close heavy doors. It closes automatically after you.
  • Higher Security: This door closer ensures that the door will close automatically behind a person entering or exiting. It provides an extra measure of security for you and your family and prevents your property being left vulnerable to thieves or robbers.
  • Strength Tested: Made from premium quality steel wire rope that has passed 50,000 times of tensile test and rebound test. Tested and proven to close any type of door automatically. 
  • Universally Applicable: Suitable for all types of doors that open left and right, made of wood or metal, residential and commercial doors, even fire doors.