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Save Your Time And Effort When Making Your Bed!

No need to lift heavy mattresses with these  Bed Sheet Grippers Clip Set!  Unlike most sheet grippers on the market, these bedsheet sheet corner holders  do not require lifting your mattress every time you change your sheets!

Install them in no time by  attaching the elastic bands horizontally at the head and the foot of your bed put the sheet over the sheet straps and pin them down with the button! A  one-hand installation, ensuring  perfectly tight sheets in a matter of seconds!


  • Perfect for all beds:  Perfectly adjustable to ensure snug fitting bed sheets, these premium sheet suspenders  come in two holes for top efficiency, make yours the most ergonomic bed sheet holder for all full, king, Queen, Toddler or Hospital bedding sets!
  • Easy to install: These bed sheet holders have a  non-slip design. Simply insert the sheet holders under the mattress, press the button and secure it.
  • Good Quality,  very useful for your bedroom.
  • Easy to use, and  excellent to fix and remove bed sheets, satin sheets, mattress covers, blankets, etc.
  • Keep your bed sheets in position.


  • Base: 17.5 x 10 cm
  • Buckle: 2.5 x 2.5 cm