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No need to worry about spilled drinks and oil stains on your playing cards anymore!

This Black Diamond Playing Card Set is made with high quality PVC material which is shiny, well-printed and never fades!

More smooth and flexible, waterproof and durable.

These ultra-flexible cards promise you shuffle them considerably better than normal playing cards. They spring back quickly, making it easier to practice on card tricks. 


  • Premium Poker Decks
  • Perfect shiny surface, well-printed reflective characters and symbols
  • Smooth Edge
  • Never get hurt and makes you feel comfortable when playing with card game

    • Frosted Surface: The frosted texture of the cards makes the game more elegant and mysterious

    • Waterproof: Made with 100% high quality PVC plastic which can prevent any liquids, so you can enjoy snacks while playing at the same time!

    • Ultra-Flexible:  Shuffling is considerably than normal playing cards. Spring back quickly, easier to practice on card tricks

    • Highly Durable:  These playing cards are scratch-resistant, non-faded and durable
    • Perfect Gift: Perfect for friends and family. Especially for  card players, magicians and card enthusiasts