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The  Amazing Bubble Ball is where the  fun is at!  Your kids will play on this thing  f or hours !  It's perfect for  summer parties, on the  trampoline, and in the  backyard.  You can even use Bubble Ball   inside the house for wintertime or rainy day fun!

This toy is  revolutionary! Feel free to  kickpunch, and  jump on it without fear of it breaking or tearing. The ball wobbles, rolls, floats, dribbles, spins, and more! Can easily be deflated when you're finished playing for  easy storage.


  • Designed with the incredibly strong and  durable material, Xpandium, you can count on the ball never tearing or popping
  • This ball is  self-sealing so you don't have the hassle of trying to tie a balloon knot
  • Can be easily filled and  reused, continuously.
  • Environmentally safe
  • No BPA's, No PVC, No Latex
  • For indescribable fun!


  • 1 × Amazing Bubble Ball
  • 1 × Blowpipe

Inflate diameter:

  • Small: 300mm / 11.81 in (Approx.)
  • Medium: 500mm / 19.6 9in ( Approx.
  • L arge: 700mm/27.56 in (Approx.)
  • Super Large:1200mm/47.24 in(Approx)

The diameters in the descriptions (27.56 inch-19.69inch -11.81inch-47.24inch) refer to the the MAX diameters of inflated blowing balls.

the size of 300mm,500mm,700mm can be filled with air.

Suggestion:the size of 1200mm works best(high recommended),can be filled with water,and kids can lie on it.