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Erase your car’s scratched-up paint with this new Car Scratch Remover. It brings your car back to its like-new condition in an instant.

  • Innovative: Engineered to restore the original luster and color of your car, its composition instantly repairs paint scratches. 
  • Instant Fix: It erases car scratches with its special rubbing compound and can also remove water spots, oxidation, and other contaminants from your paint. It doesn’t require expertise, simply polish and buff with the special sponge included.
  • Safe: It does not contain any harmful formula, the scratches are smoothly polished without a trace. Your car will look like new without any sight of damage.
  • Save Money: Paint jobs can cause your pocket loads of cash. With this amazing tool, you can save money and solve your scratched car problem in an instant.
  • Save Time: Paint jobs take a lot of time and you will be inconvenienced with no means of transportation, but this magical scratch eraser saves you from all that trouble.