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Avoid hurting your fur-friend or getting scratched by them. Using this ingenious Cat Grooming Bag allows you to care for them without a fuss.

  • Safety: Getting scratched and bitten is a BIG no-no! Avoid injury to you and your pet every time you use it.
  • Convenience: Show love to your pets without having to fight. Groom, bathe, cut their nails, clean their teeth, or give them medicines easily and smoothly.
  • Durability: Quality you can depend on. It is made with durable soft mesh. Breathable, washable, scratch-resistant and dries fast. 
  • Friendly Design: Designed for  accessibility, especially for cleaning the paws and clipping the nails. Fits all sizes, from kittens to adults.
  • Multi-Purpose: May it be grooming, dental hygiene or visit to the Vet, this bag will work best for you and your pet.