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Grooming your cat sometimes takes a lot of time and patience. Not with this new and ingenious brush. You can now train them to groom on their own while they are having fun.

  • Effortless Self-Grooming: This brush provides your cat with a constant source of rubbing and grooming pleasure. It helps your cats comb away loose and falling hairs while they enjoy playing.
  • Gentle and Safe: Built with flexible, gentle, and soft bristles that your lovely pet will love. It gives them a corner massager, a scratching toy, and a self-grooming brush in one.
  • Durable Material: Made of premium quality materials that will last. It conveniently removes loose hairs and lessens your cat’s risk of having a hairball.
  • Easy to Install: Simply attach the brush to a surface at your cat’s height and you’re done. It can be easily mounted on either a flat wall or corner surfaces, with screws or adhesive strips.
  • Easy To Clean: The comb can be easily removed from the plastic base for easy and convenient cleaning. Simply detach, wash with soap and water, then reattach for your cat’s next fun self-grooming time.