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Wearing heels puts a lot of pressure on the front of your foot. Heels also cause your feet to slide forward causing even more discomfort! Say goodbye to foot pain and wear your heels comfortably. These pads keep your feet comfortable and stable so you can wear heels all day!  

  • Instant Relief conforms to your foot to relieve your essential pressure points, significantly making each step more comfortable.
  • Stability Keeps your feet stable and in place in your heels. No more sliding forward!
  • Breathable Pads Honeycomb soft gel foot pads allows your feet to vent so you stay dry all day Can easily be worn under socks and with any shoes.Soft silicone pads mold to the shape of your foot and can be worn throughout the day and night for 24 hour relief.
  • Relieve Foot Ailments  Metatarsal pads good for foot supports are efficient to relieve Plantar Fasciitis, metatarsalgia, morton neuroma, blisters, calluses, burning sensations, foot pain and provide support when wear uncomfortable shoes!
  • Safety and Reusable Ball of foot cushions made from medical Grade Silicone Gel, our metatarsal foot pads do not absorb odor and dirt, and can be reused and washed.
  • Versatile Use Metatarsal gel pads can be used inside socks, high heel, tennis shoes, boots and all kinds of daily footwear for versatile use.

  • Light Feet Cushions One size fits all! Forefoot pads were helps equally distribute pressure in feet, eliminate pressure points.You'll feel lighter and spread that pressure out and ease your pain.