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Working on small DIY projects still requires a set of helping hands. This Corner Clamp Kit gives you the help and accuracy you need without breaking a dent on your wallet or any screws for that matter.

  • Precision: Tiny but mighty, these clamps hold the parts together, at a precise angle while you nail, screw, or glue the joint. It is very much capable of helping you clamp in the middle of a board, or at its corners.
  • Accuracy: Designed to help you get the perfect angle when building your cabinets, drawers, or frames. It aligns then clamps the pieces securely together as you finish your craft flawlessly and accurately.
  • Lightweight: Weighs light but can pack a punch when it comes to doing its job. You can easily add it to your toolbox paraphernalia without worrying about storage and heaviness.
  • Adjustable Clamps: It can easily clasp about 5-22mm of thickness and comes equipped with a powerful clamping spring. This mechanism allows it to be adjusted easily and quickly.
  • High-Quality: Made of premium materials that can clamp wood, steel, glass, or any type of material you are working on. You can use it every time and all the time without having to worry that it might break or loosen its grip.