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A child’s mind is expanding just by observing their environment and taking in their surroundings and this exciting toy lets them do that and will help them learn different skills and develop their creativity.

  • Fun and Educational: This pen inductive pig toy helps kids develop their motor skills while also learning to draw lines. It attracts their attention and keeps them entertained for hours.
  • Easy to Use: All you need is a blank white paper and this cutesie mini inductive pig toy. Let your kid draw the lines of where he wants the toy to travel and you’ll see how exciting this toy will make your little one. 
  • Safe for Kids: Made of high-quality BPA free materials and completely non-toxic. This amazing toy can be used repeatedly and guaranteed to be safe and eco-friendly.
  • USB Charged: This inductive pig toy is USB charged and will provide lots of fun during playtime. Kids will definitely have a blast watching the toy follow the lines and listening to its musical tunes.
  • Inspire Creativity And Imagination: As your kids draw or plan the black lines on the track, it effectively inspires their imagination and creativity. Learning through this educational toy will play a big part in your child’s development.