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Jumping ropes feel great. It burns lots of calories, strengthens coordination and bone density, and can reduce your risk of injuries and heart disease. 

This jump rope takes your fitness and training to the next level. It provides the same exercise but includes several technological advances that make your workout routine easier.

  • Detailed Workout: Equipped with an LCD to keep track of the time you spent jumping rope, how many times you jumped, and the calories you’ve burnt.
  • Reach Your Goals: You can set alarms for your target goals, making it easier to track your objective every time you exercise and achieve better fitness results.
  • Maximum Comfort: Handles are made of anti-slip material for easier grip and the ball-bearing system will definitely give you smooth rotations.
  • Desired Length: Built with 10 ft rope that is fully and easily adjustable for your convenience. 
  • Durable: Made of steel and coated with a PVC cable, this jump rope will surely last and will keep you exercising till you say stop.