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This  Diving Phone Case lets you bring your phone underwater to capture amazing pictures, videos. With tactical buttons, you can control your phone and even get statistics on your dive!

With our pressure-seal system, Universal Diving Phone Case can be brought up to 60M or 196 feet underwater. Get notifications on your depth, and track your exact location in real-time.


  • Capture Amazing Moments: Take your phone underwater to capture amazing pictures with your camera.
  • See Location and Depth:   Get real-time updates of your location and depth to prevent accidents.
  • Fits on ALL Phones: Our universal design lets you use any phone with our case!
  • Go Down To 60m or 196 Feet: Never worry about pressure as our case is rated to go deep underwater!
  • Anti-Drop Design: The included lanyard and extra grip on our case ensures you won't ever drop your device!

  • Tactical Control Buttons: Control and access your phone with the tactical buttons from the outside of the case.