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Make your fishing fun and uncomplicated. With this tool, you will not waste time and simply concentrate on catching your BIG one.

  • Easy On The Hands: Tying knots may sound simple but most anglers know how frustrating the task is. Using this tool does the work easily and it provides welcome relief to your tired hands.
  • Secure Knots: Wobbly knots lose fish. Don’t end up with knots that unravel and go home without a catch. Tie perfect and secure fishing knots every time with the use of this very helpful fishing tool.
  • Tie Knots Faster: Equipped with retractable features (hook sharpener, line clipper, hook eye cleaner, quick knot tool) to make your fishing go smoothly. It helps your hands have a stable and calm movement so you can tie your knot quickly and you can get back to fishing fast.
  • Works With All Types Of Knots: Fishing requires different types and diameters of line, and this knot can be used for all kinds of anglers. You don’t need to change tools as this works perfectly with all.
  • Lightweight and Compact: Its compact size and retractor carabiner make this tool easy to stash in your tackle box or pocket so you can access it quickly when you’re ready to tie lines.