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Say goodbye to   neck and back pain  from working on your laptop. This fully adjustable laptop desk can be  folded flat for easy storage  and enables you to use your computer at the most comfortable position,  benefits your health  and make you free from neck and shoulder pain.


  • ADJUSTABLE: Each folding leg has 3 knobs which can adjust and lock in any height and angle you need. The   360 degree valve  provides the high flexibility just as human.

  • COOLING FUNCTION: With   Ventilation holes  which provide strong air flow to dissipate the heat from bottom of your notebook. 

  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL  - Made of  Aluminum Alloy  which is ultra light and strong.

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN  - Si tting at your desk all day can be a strain on your body. This tray allows you to easily switch between standing and sitting in just seconds providing relief from strained backs, improved circulation and better posture.

  • MULTI FUNCTIONAL  -   The  Laptop Desk   can be used as a  Standing Desk, Book Tray, Writing Desk and many more!