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Bring your grafting skill to the next level and clone your plants in seconds using this innovative Grafting Tool.

  • Quality Materials: Crafted from premium carbon steel and high-strength ABS plastic, it meets all your grafting needs with strength and durability.
  • Dual Function:  Includes both a pruner and grafting blade, it allows you to trim away excess leaves or twigs, then gives you a precise cut into the grafting stock with the grafting shear.
  • Efficient: This garden tool must-have does pruning and grafting at the same time, easy to use, and allows you to quickly create grafts with its precise, sharp blade.
  • Variety of Blades: Comes with 3 different types of blades, Ω-cut, U-cut, and V-cut, providing a better survival rate for your newly grafted plant.
  • Saves Time: Grafted plants produce faster than those that are propagated by seeds. Create healthy clones of your best plants with this garden tool essential and watch your garden bloom.