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You will love this best little helper for taming your hair!  No more frustration that comes from dealing with frizzy hair. This is the best alternative ever created for hair spray. Say goodbye to the annoying smell and stickiness of aerosols, this Hair Finishing Stick is now your new beauty best friend.

  • Non-Greasy: Made from natural ingredients that won’t leave your hair greasy and oily. 
  • Sleek Look: Taming your stray hair and wispy tresses is now easy to manage. Just a touch of this wand and your look is complete.
  • Easy to Carry: Looks like mascara but it’s not. It's easy to slip in your bag or pouch for a touch-up or perfecting your hairstyle.
  • Control Your Hairstyle: Say goodbye to annoying fly-aways or a hairstyle that slowly deflates through the day. You can now rest easy knowing that your look will stay great all day long.
  • Healthy Hair: Because it’s made from natural ingredients, your hair stays healthy and moisturized. No more harm from harsh chemicals.