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Fighting with frizzy hair can be tough and setting an appointment to the nearest saloon can be expensive. With this amazing beauty tool, the task of achieving the perfect straight hair is a cinch.

  • Applicable for all hair types. The Hair Straightening Brush always delivers excellent results without damaging the hair. Whether dense, fine, or frizzy hair, this brush is the perfect go-to beauty hair wand.
  • Simple and effortless to use. It smoothly combs through from the root to the tip, ensuring straight hair in one stroke. Coated with nano-titanium, this hair straightener brush can transfer the heat to your hair faster and more evenly.
  • Safe to use every day. Unlike flat irons, this brush is designed to not touch the hair directly. It can be used as often as every day and locks the moisture the hair needs, giving it volume and shine.
  • Temperature selection and control. Equipped with precise temperature settings (250℉~410℉) designed to fit different hair types. Easily control the temperature and ensure that hair is not in contact with heat for long. 
  • Super straight and healthy hair. The hairbrush provides a negative ion bond that helps in sealing the ends and giving hair a healthier look. This gives the hair an anti-static, frizz-free, and super straight look.