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Loads of floor cleaning gives you a “moppy” face, but not with this newest cleaning tool that you will not want to put down. Mopping floors are now your favorite household chores with the Hands-Free Self Wringing Flat Mop.

  • Easy on The Back: No bending over to rinse, squeeze and clean your mop, simply push and pull on the handle mechanism and it does all that work for you. No more back pains and cleaning is made easy.
  • Less Mess: Designed to prevent dirty water dripping back on the floor. No more puddles and dirty water spots on your floors.
  • Super-Absorbent Material: Made of microfiber pad for the best cleaning results. Absorbs and dries up wet floors quickly, and picks up dust, dirt, and grime easily. 
  • Ergonomic and Smart Design: This mop squeezes dry conveniently and prevents you from using a dirty wet mop repeatedly or even having your hands wet. Equipped with a 360-degree swivel head making it easier to reach under furniture and around sharp corners.
  • Reusable Mop Head: Mop head is machine washable and can be used repeatedly. It stays clean and smelling fresh every time you do your mopping.