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The best treat-dispensing toy to keep your dog's playtime fun and exciting. This is definitely great for stimulating your fur-friend mentally and physically. Keep them challenged and well-behaved with this toy that both of you will love to have.

  • Reduce separation anxiety: If your dog experiences anxiety when you leave, this is the perfect toy that can help give them something to occupy their time. They will definitely love to spend time playing with it, instead of worrying about you being gone. 
  • Calming Effect: The best toy to train your dogs if they tend to destroy things. It is a good way to let out their energy constructively.
  • Soothes Anxiousness: Dogs are smart and super active and can easily feel anxious when they don’t have anything to do. This toy is designed to soothe their behavior while being entertained.
  • Correct Eating Habit: Dogs sometimes eat their meals too fast and this can cause a serious health problem like bloating. This toy is designed to slow down your dog’s eating and provide good eating habits.
  • Control the Urge to Chew: This will allow your dogs to satisfy their urge to chew in a constructive way, without destroying your home or furniture.
  • Stays in Place: Equipped with a suction cup on the other end to keep the toy at a steady place and your dog to stay in one place.