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Having beautiful colored nails can be time-consuming. Here’s an easy way to remove your manicure at home without having to foil-wrap each finger!

  • Easy to Use: Apply like an ordinary polish, wait for a couple of minutes and watch the polish bubble and crackle off of your nails!
  • Hassle-Free: You can easily do it at home. No foil wrapping needed!
  • Save Time and Money: Say goodbye to expensive salon appointments and waiting for your turn!
  • Care For Your Nails: No harmful ingredients that would leave your nails cracking!
  • Be a PRO: Change your nail color as often as you want without breaking the bank!

How the MAGIC works:

  1. Apply the Soak Off Nail Polish Remover over your polished nails, making sure to avoid applying it to the skin.
  2. Wait 1-2 minutes, until the nail polish starts to form bubbles and cracks.
  3. Remove the polish easily with a dry cloth.