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Keep your surroundings clean and your face hydrated and healthy-looking. The Nano Mist Sprayer is the perfect way to protect your skin from drying. Its ultra-high-speed vibration technology produces a mist that quickly replenishes the skin with moisture or you can also use it as a disinfectant.

  • Moisturizes : With its tiny nanometer particle technology, it effectively penetrates and hydrates the skin, without messing your makeup, too. 
  • Refreshes your Skin: Perfect for all skin types. Keeps you cool on a hot day, and helps your skin stay hydrated during the winter season.
  • Sanitizes your Surroundings: Safe to use with a disinfectant to keep bacteria, dirt, and germs away. 
  • Easy to Use: It comes with a built-in battery and USB charging capabilities. 
  • Designed for portability: Fits right into your palm! You can easily carry it anywhere and anytime.