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This neck support pillow provides passengers with head and neck support when they fall asleep. They are filled with a soft and thick memory foam that make for a comfortable nap. The cover is made of leather and is easy to clean.  Suitable for most vehicles with headrests (the handlebar distance should be greater than 3.75 inches).

This pillow can comfortably support the head and neck,  relax the muscles and prevent neck pain and fatigue.

  • ADJUSTABLE WIDTH AND HEIGHT. The width between the two headrests can be adjusted by selecting the slot position on the telescopic support (minimum distance between the two cushions: 10.63 inches).  The pillows can also be raised and lowered and rotated 180 degrees to accommodate different heights. When you don't need them, just lift them up to save space in the car.

  • EASY INSTALLATION.  The headrest can be removed and easily attached to the headrest support. First, choose the right rubber washer to attach to the headrest of the car seat. Then attach the telescopic support to the rubber washer. Finally, tighten the lid with a screwdriver.

  • HIGH QUALITY. The telescopic support is made of ultra high-quality materials.  The width of the cushion can be adjusted to the seat width. Note: Not suitable for all vehicle types