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Wear an ingenious survival gear conveniently around your wrist. This bracelet is a stylish way of having an outdoor essential at an easy reach. 

  • 5 in 1 Functional Feature: This bracelet is equipped with 5 different features that will give you several survival functions. A paracord string, whistle, compass, multi-function knife, and an SOS LED light.
  • Versatile: The paracord’s inner strands have a unique ability to be untangled for practical uses, making this cord extremely versatile for any of your adventure needs.
  • Durable: This bracelet has an incredible breaking strength. You can use it over and over while it maintains its flexibility and durability.
  • Waterproof: It is water and mildew resistant and can withstand all kinds of weather elements. Dries very quickly and eliminates the need to remove it from your wrist.
  • Multi-Use Cord: The paracord can be braided for even more combined strength and can be used as tent and pole support, building shelters, or securing gears. The inner cord can be used for sewing, fishing, trapping-snares, dental floss, and emergency stitches.